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System introduction
Bolt is a kind of fastener consisting of head and screw(cylinder with external thread),which shall be matched with nut to fasten and connect two parts with through hole.This type of connection is called bolt connection.If the nut is unscrewed from the bolt,the two parts can be separated,so the bolted connection is a removable connection.

Bolt classification
The bolts mainly include carriage bolts,flat head bolts,hexagon head bolts,flange bolts,U-bolts,T-bolts and anchor bolts.

According to the shape of the head:hexagonal,round,square, countersunk and so on.

It is divided into full thread and non full thread according to thread length.

The thread is divided into coarse thread and fine thread according to the thread type.The coarse thread type is not shown in the bolt mark.

According to the stress mode of connection,it can be divided into ordinary ones and those with reamed holes.Ordinary bolts mainly bear axial force,but also can bear lateral force with low requirements.The bolts used for reaming holes should match the size of the holes and be used when bearing lateral force.

Bolt application
The application scope of bolts includes:electronic products, mechanical products,digital products,electrical equipment, mechanical and electrical products.Bolts can also be used in ships,vehicles,water conservancy projects and even chemical experiments.Such as precision bolts used on digital products. DVD,micro bolts for cameras,glasses,clocks,electronics,etc; General bolts for TV, electrical products,musical instruments, furniture, etc; Large bolts and nuts are used for projects, buildings and bridges;Transportation appliances,aircraft,trams, automobiles,etc.are used with large and small bolts.
Bolt inspection
Bolt inspection is divided into manual inspection and machine inspection.Manual is the most original and widely used consistency detection method.In order to reduce the outflow of defective products as much as possible the general production enterprise personnel inspect the packaged or shipped products by visual means to eliminate defective products(including tooth injuries, mixed materials,rust,etc).

The other is fully automatic inspection, mainly magnetic particle inspection.Magnetic particle flaw detection is to use the interaction between the magnetic leakage field at the bolt defect and the magnetic powder.In view of the difference between the magnetic permeability of the possible defects (such as cracks,slag inclusions,mixtures,etc,The position and shape of defects are revealed,and the accumulation of these magnetic particles is observed and explained to eliminate defective products.
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Carriage Bolt

Carriage Bolt

Minfeng is a leading China Carriage Bolt manufacturers. Our factory mainly produces eye screws,drywall screw,pallets screw,straw rope screw,self drilling screw,chipboard screw full thread,carriage bolts,nails and other non-standard products.

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